"Turnaround Your Business"
180º Solutions for your business

When we work with business owners of existing businesses, we hear statements like:

“I haven’t cashed one of my own paychecks in a while.’
“I am stressed out.”
“I have no time for myself”
“My customers don’t pay me timely enough.”
“I can’t pay my bills.”
“Cash flow is sporadic at best.”
“I haven’t earned a profit in some time.”
“My employees don’t care.”
“I can’t keep find or keep good help.”

Have you experienced some (or most) of these? Problems in your business fall in three main categories; time, money and people. Turning a business around requires you to examine these major areas and to begin to perform some mathematics. Namely, addition by subtraction. There are five steps to turning around a business. They are simple. Not always easy mind you-but simple. Once you have completed these five steps, you are now ready to re-launch and grow your business. There will be some tough decision to make. You can’t take everyone with you and you will need to offload the dead wood in your organization. You cannot drag your employees across the finish line. It is their (and the job of the systems) to carry you across. Enjoy the ride.