Name Kobie Kotze
Nickname Kobie
Company Name Kobie Kotze & Associates
Town/City Wellington
County Western Cape
Country South Africa
E-mail 1
Background Extensive International experience. Live and worked in 3 countries. Did business in 18 countries,of the 24 or so countries visited. Lecturing, Negotiations, Mediation, Facilitation, Mentoring.
Industry Background Small Business. Industrial Automation, Broadcasting.
Language Spoken Afrikaans, English and 90% comprehension of Dutch.
Hobbies Music (Blues, Rock & Choral), sport (Rugby, Cricket), reading (History, Business).
I Coach Because I like to help other people improve their lot. I have a knack of dealing with people. I derive joy from seeing improvement in results.
Most Proud Of Other people perceiving me to be trustworthy. My daughter turning out a better person than I am (proof of being a good mentor)?
Favorite Quote "You cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that got you into it in the first place".
Favorite Movies Monty Python, In Search of the Holy Grail, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Woodstock.
What I am Reading According to The Rolling Stones, Guerilla Marketing Excellence.
Comments I am not half as bad as I look.
Certifications CBA-Certified Behaviors Analyst
CBC-Certified Behaviors Coach
Executive Coach-IIB