Name John Jeckmans
Company Name TripleCo
County Oldenzaal
State NL + Germany
Country Netherlands
E-mail 1
Background Business to Business (B2B); Marketing & Sales; (new) business development; strategy development; from vision to practical organisational lay out; general management; coaching & counselling; Product Development (QFD); Project Management: Change Management; training; 25 years in export market and company development (former Eastern-Europe; India, Africa); private label programms; sales promotion; product management, exits.
Industry Background Business to business mainly; turnkey installations for floorcoverings, wallcoverings and technical coatings; offset printing equipment (japanese); standard and nngineer-to-order centrifugal pumps for powerstations; petrochemical plants; drinking & waste water equipment; navy and commercial marine. Outside work experience in building lay societies; professionalising non-profit organisations such as church societies, tourist board, city centrum management, etc.
Language Spoken English, German, Dutch, rusty French.
Hobbies Books, movies, music, social business networking, my work with you.
I Coach Because I like to help people help themselves.
Most Proud Of The changes I made myself in my life, and my partner and children for sticking with me.
Favorite Quote Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Chinese proverb.
Favorite Movies What the bleep do we know.
What I am Reading Last one is living deeply. Other than that: everything I can get a hand on.
Comments Bring it on! If it does, know you can handle it otherwise it wouldn´t show up anyhow.
Certifications Founding Coach-IIB